Shareholders advisory

Shareholders are often confronted with specific challenges, sometimes in the context of a reorganization of shareholder structure, sometimes in the context of a different vision of strategy or sometimes due to external circumstances. Occasionally a difference in vision or certain developments can lead to a conflict.

Shareholder Advisory advises and assists shareholders at such turning points. This may involve making or clarifying agreements between shareholders (groups), finding new balances, organizing family or external follow-up. Even defining a multi-year plan and guidance in its implementation.

Financial Engineering

Planning, structure and striving for an optimal balance is important, whether it concerns your company or your private assets. That is why we strive to offer this service.

We work together with a reputable law firm, mainly active in asset planning. You will be advised based on your personal situation, after a thorough screening of all risks and, obviously, taking into account all sensitivities and wishes. As with our other services: the client is at the centre. Both during your entrepreneurial career and afterwards (for example as a result of the sale of your company) we will not leave you in the cold.

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