If a sale meets the strategic vision of our network, an ‘earn-deal’ can mean great added value. This unique financing formula of Retearn corporate finance, offers numerous possibilities and offers you as a shareholder a range of opportunities without giving up entrepreneurship.

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Selling a business

In M&A one can roughly distinguish three types of transactions:

a. Individuals who do a management buy-in.
b. Companies (e.g. competition or colleagues) that make a strategic acquisition.
c. Investors (e.g. private equity firms)..

However, as an entrepreneur, it is not necessary to wait until you are approached by one of the above-mentioned types of buyer.

As a (family) entrepreneur you own 100% of the shares of a company, whether or not with business partners, but you want to safeguard part of the assets privately. The ‘ earn deal ‘ can be the solution.

You sell 100% to a new company. You reinvest in the new company yourself (≺ 50%) together with a number of new investors also joining in the story. We supplement the rest with the traditional acquisition financing of a bank.

An Earn Deal as an entrepreneur

Why wait to secure part of your pension now? Entrepreneurs often have a large imbalance in their wealth, whereby the (family) company almost always contains the entire capital.

It is important here that an earn deal immediately responds to a number of complaints and real threats and offers a large number of opportunities per return.


You safeguard your business assets

You reinvest in your own company as a shareholder

You anticipate a possible future tax on capital gains on shares

Strategic position

Management is strongly involved in the shareholder structure

You arrange your succession

Your network, strategic and competitive position is substantially strengthened

Your board of directors is held by active, professional and committed co-shareholders


Developing a strong strategic plan for the future

Retearn corporate finance, together with its professional partners, ensures the integral preparation, design, implementation and strict follow-up

Retearn corporate finance impedes, if necessary, a strong structure and works out an integral corporate governance story

An Earn Deal as an investor

You have built up assets and are looking for attractive investment opportunities. Investing in ‘ earn deals ‘ from retearn corporate finance offers you a number of great opportunities and is a valuable alternative to traditional investment opportunities.

It is important that retearn corporate finance only supports those companies with a strong track record, stable cash flow and active in conservative sectors.

Risk Spreading

An ‘ earn deal ‘ only invests in companies with a proven track record and quality management

Spread your investment via limited investment amounts per ‘ticket’

Great returns and a valuable alternative to the traditional (bank) investment forms


Strong follow-up management and periodic reporting of investors

1-on-1 investment / no fragmented portfolio


Retearn corporate finance takes care of the complete preparation, valuation, negotiation and final realisation of the deal

Top-level expertise in financial, tax and legal matters, taking into account a strong code of ethics in the field of corporate governance

The Earn Deal in practice


Turnover€ 5.000 K
Equity value€ 4.000 K

The company with a turnover of € 5.000K and an EBITDA of € 800K is sold for a Transaction value of € 4.000K


Capital€ 800 K
Shareholder loan€ 1.200 K
Bank financing€ 2.000 K

The newly established ‘Holding Co’ buys 100% of the shares, 50% by own resources (capital and shareholder loans) and 50% through bank financing.


Total€ 4.000 K€ 5.650 K
Cash€ 3.100 K€ 3.772 K4 %
Loan @ 'Holding Co'€ 540 K€ 689 K5 %
Capital€ 360 K€ 1.189 K27 %

The Entrepreneur takes a 45% interest in the new “Holding Co” by investing € 360K capital and € 540K shareholder loan. He will keep € 3,100K (77.5%!) of the initial sale price.


Loan @ 'Holding Co'€ 60 K€ 77 K5%
Capital€ 40 K€ 132 K27%

11 “Tickets” of € 100K are sold to the Investors consisting out of € 40K capital and € 60K shareholder Loan. This means a total of 55% of the shares of “Holding Co”.