Retearn corporate finance assists medium-sized (family) SMEs in sales.

Thereby following a very structured approach.


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Information memorandum


Financial Engineering


You need a correct valuation of your company, for example in the context of a takeover, (family) transfer or asset structuring.

In these cases, the fair market value of your company deserves special attention.

We can estimate this market value accurately thanks to our strong presence on the acquisition market and expertise.


A highly detailed Information Memorandum offers potential investors a complete insight into your company, your financial, strategic and commercial strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities for the acquisition.

After the valuation and the preparation of the Memorandum, your company is ready to be presented to the market on the basis of a Blind Profile.

Together, a shortlist is drawn up of potential prospective buyers / investors. Retearn corporate finance has a large network with various types of investors and complements the shortlist, on the one hand with buyers you may specify and on the other hand with potential buyers on the basis of our sector analysis.

Based on the Memorandum, an integral proposal, declaration of intent (LOI), is sent to the Seller.


Takeover transactions are no walk in the park. Risks come from a variety of angles: financial and tax issues, legal risks, technological developments, feedback from staff, suppliers or clients. We are happy to guide you through every step of this process. Retearn organizes full due diligence investigations, both for the buyer and seller. This includes – if desired – all facets that present a potential risk, including operational and strategic aspects.

The contractual part is a second concern with regard to the development of takeover transactions. A lot of contracts that come with an acquisition look at the acquisition contract itself (evidently) but also management contracts, lease agreements, loan agreements. Retearn does a 360 ° analysis to minimize all risks.


Financial engineering

Planning, structure and striving for an optimal balance is important, whether it concerns your company or your private assets. That is why we strive to offer this service.

We work together with a reputable law firm, mainly active in asset planning. You will be advised based on your personal situation, after a thorough screening of all risks and, obviously, taking into account all sensitivities and wishes. As with our other services: the client is at the centre. Both during your entrepreneurial career and afterwards (for example as a result of the sale of your company) we will not leave you in the cold.


We pay special attention to the transfer of a company within the family.

This sales process is comparable to an external sale in terms of methodology, but the emotionality is even more intense.

Then you need a professional and experienced party, a party that strives for balance, who can serve as a discussion partner and sounding board for specific problems.

A party that pursues the earn for all members involved in the family transfer.

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